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                                Valhalla Chapter of the Leathernecks MC

                                                      Wilmington, NC


          The Valhalla Chapter of the Leathernecks MC was founded on 21 April, 2021.  But that is the end of the story, not the beginning.  The need for a chapter of the Leathernecks MC was recognized years before by several members of the Ka Bar Chapter of the Leathernecks MC in Jacksonville, NC.  While the need was recognized, and initial work was begun, it would be years before the Valhalla Chapter came to fruition. 

          Initially Recon, along with several other Ka Bar members began to explore the possibility of creating a chapter in Wilmington.  There were various hurdles which would need to be overcome, not the least being the lack of Leatherneck MC members living anywhere near the target area of Wilmington.  Shortly after initial exploration was begun, Recon was elected the National Vice President of the Leathernecks MC.  Given that he was attending to other duties, and the Ka Bar chapter was also engaged with mentoring the new Dead Man Crew Chapter in the greater New Bern area, the Wilmington initiative was put on the back burner. 

          Several year later, Showtime was elected the NC State President.  He immediately recognized the need for a Leathernecks MC chapter in the Wilmington area.  With that, recruitment was begun, and overtures were made to motorcycle clubs in the greater Wilmington area.  This process took approximately 18 to 24 months. 

          Once all the pieces were put in place, a petition was made to the National Executive Committee to formally stand up the Wilmington Chapter.  These initial efforts included having members of the Ka Bar chapter conduct reconnaissance in the Wilmington area, frequenting various bars, and socializing with other motorcycle clubs, as well as recruiting new members.  These efforts were time consuming and laborious, but ultimately worth it. 

          On 21 April, 2021 Skeeter, National President, along with Hitch, Mid Atlantic Regional President, and Showtime, State President North Carolina signed the charter for the Valhalla Chapter of Wilmington.  The “first five” were as follows:

Recon – Chapter President

Showtime – Chapter Vice President

Vito – Secretary

Mick - Treasurer

Rehab - SAA


Valhalla Chapter Leathernecks LMCI - We are a civilian organization with no affiliation with the United States Marine Corps, or any other branches of service.

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Are you Active, Veteran, or Retired member of the US Marine Corps or FMF Navy Corpsman? Do you have a joy for Motorcycles and Brotherhood?  Do you want to learn more about Leathernecks Motorcycle Club?  Fill out the contact information below and we will get back with you.

We have Bike Night, every 3rd Thursday of the month.  Follow us on Facebook, for all up coming events.  

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